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Pimples under the skin: That really helps

by Josephine Andrews
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Underground pimples on the face are painful and unsightly. Pushing it or poking it open is still absolutely taboo. Read here what helps against pimples under the skin, why they occur and what you can do to prevent them.

Underground pimples: This helps against them!

First of all: Under no circumstances should you try to pop an underground pimple . It is filled with a mixture of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. If you mess with it, you risk penetrating its contents deeper into the skin. This can lead to inflammation. Pain or scars are also possible consequences.

Also, never prick the pus pimples. This may allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream or facial nerves. In the worst case, there is a risk of blood poisoning or meningitis.

These care measures help to get rid of a pimple under the skin:

The right care products

Clean your skin down to the pores, but gently. In the pharmacy and in the drugstore there are skin care products that are effective against pimples under the skin – including washing gels or lotions. Pay attention to the following ingredients:

  • Benzoyl peroxide dries oily skin and reduces bacteria.
  • Salicylic acid unclogs pores by removing the layer of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Inflammation is also reduced.
  • Sulfur has a disinfecting and antibacterial effect against bacteria.

fruit acid peeling

fruit acid peel – chemically known as an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) peel – is a superficial, chemical peel that may also help treat pimples under the skin. It usually contains glycolic acid, which is extracted from unripe grapes or sugar cane. The acid penetrates the horny layer of the skin and loosens the dead horny cells.

Low-concentration fruit acid peelings are available in drugstores or pharmacies.

pimple sticker

A pimple sticker is also a way to get rid of pimples under the skin. It is applied directly to the pimple and ideally contains salicylic acid.

Pimple stickers draw sebum, absorb excess oil and reduce inflammation. They can be worn all day or just overnight. It is important to change them at least every 24 hours.

Home remedies for pimples under the skin

There are also various home remedies that help against pimples under the skin. This includes:

Warm compress

A warm compress opens the pores, drawing the pimple closer to the skin’s surface and possibly allowing it to form a pus head. In this way, sebum, skin cells and bacteria have a chance to leave the skin. The warmth of the compress also relieves pain.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Place a clean washcloth in hot water . Be careful not to get too hot or burn yourself.
  • Hold the compress on the pimple for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this three to four times a day until the pimple releases the pus.
  • It is important to keep the affected area clean and do not touch the pimple. Also, avoid makeup until the pimple has healed.

A chamomile steam bath has a similar effect. It opens the pores and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Tea tree oil arguably has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria that cause underground pimples. However, the scientific findings on this are contradictory: some studies show positive effects. However, the American Academy of Dermatology emphasizes that there is not enough evidence to recommend treating acne with tea tree oil.

If you decide to use it anyway, be sure to apply the oil diluted to the affected area as it may irritate the skin. For optimal effectiveness, choose a product that contains at least five percent tea tree oil. Apply twice a day until the pimple is completely healed.


If you suffer from pain because of the underground pimple, ice cubes relieve it. It is best to wrap the cubes in a clean towel or plastic bag and place them on the affected area for about five minutes. Then take a five-minute break and repeat the process. This application is possible three to four times a day.

Does Zugsalbe help with underground pimples on the face?

Zugsalve is a powerful weapon against underground pimples on the face. However, it may irritate your skin. So handle it with care. When using it on the face, it is advisable not to try the black but the green pulling ointment. This is based on herbal ingredients such as eucalyptus and thyme oil as well as vaseline and beeswax.

Apply the ointment with a cotton swab. It is important that the ointment never comes into contact with your mucous membranes. Note that the traction ointment stimulates blood flow to speed up the healing process. As a result, the pimple initially looks worse because the focus of inflammation moves upwards. But when the pus drains, it gets better – it can take up to five days.

When to the doctor?

If you often suffer from pimples under the skin, talk to a doctor about it. Even if an encapsulated pimple does not heal after a week, it is important to clarify this medically.

Very large, painful pimples under the skin may be boils or abscesses. If you also feel unwell and have a fever, see a doctor as soon as possible.

How to prevent underground pimples

Pimples under the skin suddenly appear out of nowhere. However, there are some things you can do to prevent it. This includes:

  • Wash face only twice a day or when sweaty. Skin prone to trapped pimples may become irritated with more frequent cleanings.
  • Wash your face gently and do not scrub. Otherwise you are putting too much strain on your skin.
  • Exfoliate once a week.
  • Wash pillowcases and other items that touch your face regularly. Dead skin cells and bacteria often build up on fabrics, clogging pores.
  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid alcohol and nicotine.
  • Try not to constantly touch your face with your hands.

This is how underground pimples develop

Underground pimples are located in the deeper layers of the skin and are filled with pus. You can usually feel them before they become visible. This is caused by clogged pores. As a result, sebum and dead skin cells no longer reach the skin’s surface. The result: bacteria have a good breeding ground.

Pimples under the skin not only appear on the face, but also on the back, shoulders or décolleté. If you appear in the intimate area, an ingrown hair is usually to blame.

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