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Schuessler Salt No. 27: Potassium bichromicum

by Josephine Andrews
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Naturopaths recommend the Schuessler salt no. 27 potassium bichromicum (potassium dichromate) especially for overweight, type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and increased blood lipids. They also recommend top athletes to take Schuessler Salt No. 27 to prevent chromium deficiency. Read more here about the use of this Schuessler salt in the potency as Kali bichromicum D12.

What is Schuessler salt no. 27 potassium bichromicum?

Schuessler Salt No. 27 Potassium bichromicum is the salt of dichromic acid. According to the teachings of the doctor Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler, it is used because of its regulating effect on carbohydrate, fat, protein and purine metabolism. As a result, potassium dichromate has a positive effect on the vascular system and the overall structure of the organism.

Schuessler salt no. 27 potassium bichromicum is also said to be of great importance for cholesterol metabolism by regulating cholesterol levels. The so-called hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), which is caused, among other things, by high cholesterol levels, is therefore an area of ​​application for potassium bichromicum.

In type 2 diabetes mellitus, the body’s cells no longer react adequately to the blood-sugar-lowering hormone insulin – this disrupts the absorption of blood sugar (glucose) in the cells. Potassium bichromicum is supposed to intervene to regulate this and is therefore often recommended in combination with other Schuessler salts as a supplementary form of therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Obesity and high blood pressure are also areas of application for potassium dichromate. Chromium is said to regulate the hunger-saturation mechanisms and thereby help to reduce food intake and reduce obesity.

Potassium bichromate is often recommended to top athletes to compensate for the increased loss of chromium.

Potassium bichromatum is also said to provide relief for infections of the upper respiratory tract such as a sinus infection or a middle ear infection. The same goes for headaches and migraines.

In addition, potassium bichromicum may indirectly regulate the iron balance.

Schuessler salts are not a dietary supplement . They only contain the eponymous salt in homeopathic doses and therefore cannot directly compensate for a corresponding salt deficiency. The aim of taking it is to alleviate symptoms that are similar to those that would occur with a deficiency of potassium bichromicum. The Schuessler salt should also work if there is a completely different cause behind the symptoms.

Symptoms and diseases of potassium bichromicum deficiency

According to Schuessler’s theory, a potassium bichromicum deficiency leads to various symptoms or diseases.

Areas of application of Schuessler salt no. 27 potassium bichromicum are accordingly:

  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • overweight
  • increased blood fat levels
  • impaired glucose tolerance
  • Acne
  • Mucosal catarrh, mucus secretions
  • constant stress
  • Complaints in the female genital area

However, it is not known that it specifically helps against sore throats.

Serious complaints and illnesses such as elevated blood lipid levels and diabetes mellitus should definitely be treated by conventional medicine because of possible serious consequential damage. Schüßler’s teachings are understood as supportive therapy and should only be used in addition to conventional medical treatment.

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