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Pound Sterling

by Josephine Andrews
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Avoiding fat in your diet is the most important pillar of the pound diet . In addition to learning important nutritional principles, there is also a lot of sport on the program – everything together should motivate you to lose weight permanently. Find out more about the PfundsKur here.

What is the pound cure?

The Göttingen nutritional psychologist and member of the executive committee of the German Society for Nutrition, Prof. Dr. With the PfundsKur, Volker Pudel developed a nutritional concept that primarily avoids fat. All foods are allowed, but only a maximum of 60 grams of fat per day (20 so-called “fat eyes” of three grams each). With simple, easy to understand and scientifically proven statements, the PfundsKur is intended to motivate people to change and improve their eating habits. An exercise program is also integrated.

This is how the pound cure works

With the PfundsKur, prohibitions and renunciations are not in the foreground, but independent recognition and gradual change in eating habits. Simple fat-saving rules and everyday recipes show how you can lose a lot with less fat. The PfundsKur is available on the Internet, but it can also be carried out with the help of books.

That brings the pound cure

The PfundsKur meets nutritional and psychological requirements for a diet that can lead to a permanent change in diet . Your advantages in detail are:

  • healthy in the long term
  • behavior change
  • no absolute prohibitions
  • simple and suitable for everyday use
  • feasible in the group
  • no counting calories and fat
  • learning effect
  • enjoyment

Risks of the pound exchange rate

Possible risks with the PfundsKur are not yet known and cannot be foreseen.

PfundsKur: Conclusion

The PfundsKur is simple and successful in the long term. However, you need a little patience for the weight loss you are hoping for – the pounds cure is designed for ten weeks. Thanks to its versatility and flexible rules, it is also suitable for long-term nutrition that makes you slim or keeps you slim in the long term.

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