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Schuessler salts for pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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The teaching of the Schuessler salts promises gentle help in many life situations. This also applies to the symptoms of pregnancy. Schuessler salts such as potassium phosphoricum, calcium phosphoricum and silica are said to have a soothing effect on morning sickness, calf cramps, stretch marks and the like. Find out here which other Schuessler salts can be helpful during pregnancy.

How do Schuessler salts help during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a major challenge for a woman’s body: This includes the hormonal changes, the supply of nutrients and oxygen for the unborn child and the stresses associated with the increasing space requirements and weight of the child. Various symptoms can therefore accompany pregnancy: morning sickness, morning sickness or tiredness.

Many women try to use alternative methods to combat such complaints. Various Schüßler salts should offer gentle support during pregnancy. The best way for women to discuss the exact dosage is with an experienced doctor, their gynecologist or a naturopath.

Which Schuessler salts help with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy?

Many women suffer from nausea, especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy, especially in the morning. The reason is the changes in the hormonal balance. The Schuessler salt no. 5 potassium phosphoricum should help against morning sickness. It is also recommended for vomiting during pregnancy – in addition to other Schuessler salts such as No. 2 Calcium phosphoricum (for strengthening), No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum (for oxygen supply) and No. 8 Sodium chloratum (to regulate gastric juices and water balance).

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