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What is progressive muscle relaxation?

by Josephine Andrews
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Jacobson ‘s progressive muscle relaxation is a systematic relaxation technique. Experts also call it progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) or progressive relaxation (PR). Edmund Jacobson (1885-1976) was the founder of the method. He discovered that when you tense and release your body muscles, you become more relaxed. Here you can find out which symptoms progressive muscle relaxation is recommended for and how it works.

What is progressive muscle relaxation?

Everyday stress was already a big topic in the 1920s, when Edmund Jacobson founded progressive muscle relaxation. Constant tension is often caused by fears – such as losing a job – or conflicts with family members. Added to this is the omnipresent pressure to perform in today’s society, which overwhelms many people.

If the muscles are overly tense due to stress, this can lead to permanent health problems in the musculoskeletal system or organs. Possible consequences are, for example , headaches , back pain, digestive problems or high blood pressure . Psychological stress can therefore damage the body.

Progressive muscle relaxation: effect of the method

The fact that body and soul influence each other is used by progressive muscle relaxation in the other direction: using the progressive muscle relaxation method to have a positive effect on your own psyche .

During the exercises, you tense individual muscle groups for about ten seconds and then relax them for about 30 seconds. You repeat the whole thing one after the other with different muscle groups all over the body – starting with the hands and arms, through the face, neck and shoulders and stomach to the legs and feet. At the end, the practitioner consciously feels the feeling of tension and relaxation.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation makes you feel calm and relaxed in your body and mind. This makes you resistant to tension and overuse stress. In addition, your own body awareness improves: You can better recognize where in the body you are tense and can counteract this with muscle relaxation in good time.

You can read exactly how to proceed with progressive muscle relaxation here: Progressive muscle relaxation – instructions

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