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Flea Seeds and Psyllium Husks: Effect & Application

by Josephine Andrews
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Flea seeds and psyllium husks have a mild laxative effect on constipation and regulate diarrhea. Flea seed shells also help with weight loss. Read more about the effects of flea seeds, the correct application and possible side effects here!

What effect do flea seeds have?

Flea seeds are the seeds of two species of the plantain family (Plantaginaceae). They are high in fiber and act as a bulking agent in the intestine.

When it comes to the healing effect, a distinction must be made between psyllium and psyllium husks. While the whole flea pods usually pass through the digestive tract unchanged and do not swell that much, psyllium husks consist of 85 percent soluble and gel-forming fiber. If you come into contact with water , they swell up and increase in size many times over. As a result, they have a stronger effect on the digestive process.

Therefore, the following applies to the preparation: Ground seeds, pure psyllium husk and psyllium husk powder promote intestinal activity more than whole seeds.

What are psyllium and especially psyllium husks good for? They can be used internally in the following cases:

  • in case of repeated constipation (constipation), also during pregnancy
  • to soften the stool (e.g. painful bowel movements due to hemorrhoids or anal fissures)
  • for “intestinal care”, such as irritable bowel syndrome or drug-treated diverticulitis (inflammation of protuberances of the intestinal mucosa)
  • to maintain digestion with a low-fiber diet
  • for non-specific diarrhea (e.g. in HIV patients or short bowel syndrome)

Easier defecation

The effect of the medicinal plant on this health problem is recognized. It is based on the mucilage, which is contained in large quantities in the husks of psyllium. These mucilages can bind a lot of water. They increase the volume of stool by absorbing water, which puts more pressure on the inner wall of the intestine. This stimulates bowel movement – the stool is transported more quickly in the direction of the exit. In addition, the mucilage makes the stool more slippery.

How fast do flea seeds work? The effect usually sets in after 12 to 24 hours, but sometimes only after seven to ten days – if taken regularly.

Possible protection against colon cancer

Due to the thinning of the stool and the shorter time that the stool remains in the intestine, carcinogenic (cancerogenic) substances have less contact time with the intestinal mucosa. It is therefore assumed that psyllium can also protect against colon cancer if taken over a longer period of time.

Helpful for diarrhea

The healing effect of the plant on diarrhea is also due to the mucilage: They bind the excess fluid in the intestines that is present in diarrhea, causing the stool to thicken.

In the case of inflammatory bowel diseases caused by bacteria, usually accompanied by diarrhea, the mucilage in the psyllium also binds the toxins of the bacteria. This reduces inflammation and protects the intestinal mucosa from further damage. Colon cleansing with psyllium is also possible.

Against high cholesterol levels

What else do psyllium husks do? Cholesterol is also bound by the mucilage in the psyllium. The medicinal plant can therefore support the treatment of elevated cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia).

Relief of irritated or inflamed intestinal mucosa

The mucilage in the psyllium husks also protects an irritated or inflamed intestinal mucosa. For example, people with irritable bowel syndrome or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease can benefit from this. Basically, flea seeds support a healthy intestinal flora.

Weight loss support

Since taking the swelling agent promotes the feeling of satiety, psyllium can support weight loss. However, it is also a prerequisite that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Regular exercise is also important.

Other areas of application

A small study from Russia indicates that psyllium provides relief for silent reflux and heartburn. Further research is necessary.

Flea seeds may also be suitable for the treatment of small intestine overgrowth. Always talk to the doctor treating you first about a suitable nutrition plan.

Research has not proven that flea seeds have a special effect on the skin.

How are flea seeds used?

There are several ways to take psyllium. We introduce them to you.

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