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Ruta: homeopathic effects and application

by Josephine Andrews
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Ruta graveolens is often used in homeopathy for injuries to ligaments, tendons and cartilage. The remedy should also help with bruises that directly affect the bone or periosteum, as well as with aching and strained eyes after long periods of reading or computer work. Find out more about the effects, dosage and areas of application of Ruta here.

When is Ruta used?

Ruta is used in homeopathy to accelerate healing after a ligament, tendon or cartilage injury – regardless of whether the symptoms come from an accident or overuse.

Especially when the periosteum hurts and hardens for a long time due to a bruise, Ruta should help a lot, for example after a kick on the shin. But also many other injuries to the musculoskeletal system are said to be successfully treated with Ruta.

Ruta is also used for eye weakness and eye inflammation caused by eye strain. Most people are familiar with this phenomenon when they sit in front of a screen for a long time or have to read very small fonts.

Diseases and conditions that respond well to Ruta

  • strained eyes
  • Back pain from tension
  • Injury / bruising of the periosteum (especially ribs and tibia)
  • Injuries / surgeries particularly to ankles, wrists, knees, shoulders and hips
  • injuries to the teeth
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Typical symptoms and complaints that indicate Ruta

  • grumpy and angry
  • thoughtless or slow in thinking
  • Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted
  • feeling of heaviness
  • blurred vision, like shadows before the eyes
  • Parts of the body that the sufferer is lying on become sore

The complaints get better

  • while lying on your back
  • through gentle movement
  • by heat

The symptoms get worse:

  • through overexertion
  • in the cold or by cold applications
  • in damp and wet weather
  • lying on the injured part of the body
  • by pressing against an edge

These symptoms can either be the actual signs of the disease or accompany the disease. In any case, they should point out that Ruta could be helpful for the sick person.

If the symptoms persist or get worse, always go to a doctor and have the cause clarified. This is especially true when it comes to illnesses in babies and children.

Ruta for baby and child

Parents who want to treat their child homeopathically should always have Ruta to hand. Injuries to the periosteum from falls, kicks or the like are the order of the day in children. You can use Ruta homeopathy to positively influence healing and relieve your child’s pain.

However, if more serious injuries occur, you should always consult a doctor.

Ruta administration also accelerates the healing process and relieves pain after surgical interventions on joints or dental surgery. Even if the braces are tightened, Ruta is said to improve the uncomfortable feeling.

In older children with symptoms of overuse of the muscles or joints (muscle soreness, tennis elbow, chronic knee pain), a treatment attempt with Ruta should be helpful.

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