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Scarsdale diet – that’s behind it

by Josephine Andrews
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Ten kilos in just two weeks – the Scarsdale diet promises this apparently fantastic weight loss success . Here you can find out why this ambitious promise is too good to be true and what you can really expect from this diet variant.

What is the Scarsdale Diet?

The Scarsdale Diet was first published in 1978 by physicians Herman Tarnower and Samm Sinclair Baker. It is very well known in the USA and has now also found its followers in Germany.

This is how the Scarsdale Diet works

It is a low-carb diet: The diet plan consists primarily of protein sources such as low-fat meat and dairy products, fish and shrimp, and fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, the carbohydrate content is very small (few whole grain products). The body has to change its metabolism to survive the lack of carbohydrates. This should stimulate fat burning and suppress a feeling of hunger.

That brings the Scarsdale Diet

The low calorie intake of around 1000 calories per day and the stimulation of fat burning lead to rapid weight loss success with the Scarsdale diet.

Risks of the Scarsdale Diet

  • The promised ten kilo weight loss in two weeks can never be achieved – unless the body loses a lot of water during the diet .
  • Due to the metabolic change and the high protein intake, the Scarsdale diet can lead to gout attacks and kidney problems.
  • With the very low calorie intake, an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals cannot be guaranteed – with the risk of deficiency symptoms. Calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis in the long term.
  • Due to the very low energy consumption, physical performance is limited; it can lead to circulatory disorders and physical weakness.

Scarsdale Diet: Conclusion

This diet variant is a good example of how you can have success with people who want to lose weight with scientifically untenable but very effective advertising claims. But keep your hands off the Scarsdale Diet with its false promises and potential health risks!

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