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Schroth cure-how it works

by Josephine Andrews
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The Schroth cure is a type of fasting that is used to detoxify the body and alleviate or prevent various diseases. A side effect is the sometimes considerable weight loss with this treatment, in which drinking and dry days alternate. Read the most important information about the Schroth cure here.

What is a Schroth Cure?

The Schroth cure was founded by the wagoner Johann Schroth (1798-1856), who learned to appreciate the healing effects of moist compresses after suffering a knee injury after being kicked by a hoof. He also observed that sick animals do not eat, only drink.

From this he developed the Schroth cure named after him – with dry and drinking days as well as a vegetarian diet . The whole thing is supplemented by spa packs.

This is how a Schroth cure works

Three dry days alternate with two small and two large drinking days:

  • Dry days: 1 glass of tea, 1 glass of fruit juice with a juniper brandy
  • Small drinking days: 0.5 liters of liquid
  • Big drinking days: 1 liter of water , tea or juices; the liquid supply can be individually adjusted. In the original version, part of the liquid is taken in the form of white spa wine (as prescribed by a doctor). Today, however, this is usually replaced by fruit or vegetable juices.

In addition, the “Original Schroth Cure” provides for a vegetarian diet with a fairly high carbohydrate and low salt, fat and protein content. Mainly there is rice, semolina or oatmeal, cooked fruit and vegetables and dry rolls or nowadays often “spa pastries”.

Stationary Schroth Cure

The Schroth cure is usually carried out on an inpatient basis over several weeks. The special diet combined with sweating should purify and detoxify the body. According to Schroth, dry days draw water and waste products out of the blood, while drinking days flush them out through the kidneys and skin due to the excess water .

According to Schroth, due to its draining effect in connection with the other components of the treatment, the wine “wakes up disease substances from sleep and removes them from the body.” He also ascribes a positive effect on the drainage process to the juniper schnapps.

That brings a Schroth cure

A Schroth cure is said to help with various diseases, for example diabetes mellitus, acne , neurodermatitis, migraines and rheumatic complaints.

In a three-week cure you can also lose up to ten percent of your body weight. But even if it shouldn’t be that much: With a few kilos less you can definitely get out of the cure.

Risks of a Schroth Cure

With the original Schroth cure, there is a risk of fluid deficits. The simultaneous administration of alcohol with small amounts of non-alcoholic beverages should be viewed critically.

There is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of alternating fluid intake and wine.

Schrothkur: Conclusion

While the original Schroth cure is not recommended, the “New Schroth Cure” can be a good start to a healthy change in diet , as it aims at long-term modification of eating habits. The yo-yo effect should be rather small with this form of the Schroth cure due to the gradual increase in calorie intake.

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