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Sex during pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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No woman has to give up sex during pregnancy if the latter is proceeding normally. However, in many pregnant women, sexual desire decreases due to the physical and psychological changes. In some cases, couples also have to limit their sex life during pregnancy for medical reasons. Read everything you need to know about sex during pregnancy here!

Sex – the child is well protected

Fathers in particular are often concerned that having sex during pregnancy could harm the unborn child. However, the child is well protected in the mother’s womb by the uterus , the amniotic fluid and the surrounding muscles, so that vibrations do not harm it. Even if the tummy hardens during orgasm and the uterus throbs, the child is fine. Incidentally, it is not anatomically possible for the man’s penis to penetrate to the baby.

Sex changes with the body

Pregnancy can be accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting , especially in the first few weeks . Tiredness , mood swings and aching breasts also usually limit a woman’s sexual desire. Many pregnant women are more interested in closeness, cuddling, caressing or a relaxing massage.

Second trimester of pregnancy: Sex becomes more pleasurable

In the second trimester of pregnancy, nausea and fatigue usually decrease, and for most women a pleasurable time with new erotic sensations begins. Hormones cause the genital area to receive more blood. Fuller breasts, sensitive nipples and more vaginal discharge make it easier for pregnant women to have an orgasm during these weeks.

It can also enrich a couple’s love life not having to worry about birth control anymore.

In addition, many fathers-to-be are attracted to their partner’s new curves and feminine shapes. Love life is very fulfilling for many couples during this phase of pregnancy.

Last trimester of pregnancy: Sex often becomes tedious

Towards the end of pregnancy, the symptoms increase again in most women. Back pain , heartburn , a swollen belly and the leakage of first milk from the breast can put the brakes on the desire to have sex during pregnancy. However, if you feel comfortable in your body and there are no gynecological risks, then there is nothing to be said against sex, even in advanced stages of pregnancy.

Often, however, the stomach is in the way and the usual positions no longer work. Then many women find a position lying on their side or sitting comfortable.

Shortly before the due date, sex during pregnancy sometimes has a helpful side effect: the hormone-like substances contained in the semen , the so-called prostaglandins, can trigger labour. They also soften the cervix and make it easier to open. But don’t worry: this is only possible if your body is ready for the birth .

Hygiene is important!

Poor hygiene can encourage infections. These, in turn, can trigger premature labor and lead to premature birth . So that bacteria or fungi do not settle, personal hygiene is the top priority during sex during pregnancy. Cold water is usually sufficient for intimate hygiene . However, you should not overdo it with cleanliness in order not to destroy the protective environment of the vagina.

By the way: Of course, the man must also pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

bleeding after sex in pregnancy

Due to the better blood circulation in the genital area, it is not uncommon for light bleeding to occur after sex during pregnancy. These are not always a cause for concern. This is usually so-called contact bleeding, which can also occur after a vaginal examination. The bleeding in the vaginal mucus comes from the well-perfused cervix. They are harmless and do not pose any danger to mother or child. They usually subside quickly. In the event of bleeding with an unclear cause, possibly associated with pain, you should always consult a doctor!

When should you avoid sex during pregnancy?

In some cases, your gynecologist will advise you against having sex during pregnancy, for example if the pregnancy is at risk . Overall, abstaining from sex during pregnancy may be necessary in the following situations:

  • previous miscarriages or premature births
  • preterm labour
  • premature opening of the cervix (cervical ligament)
  • loss of amniotic fluid
  • Placenta previa ( placental insufficiency )
  • multiple pregnancy
  • bleeding
  • infections

New forms of sex during pregnancy

Every woman feels differently. Some enjoy sex during pregnancy from the very beginning until just before the birth. Others don’t like it even after the first 12 weeks because the breasts and vagina are more sensitive to pain. Some pregnant women also no longer feel comfortable and attractive due to the increasing curves or have the feeling that they are no longer attractive to their partner. It is also possible that the father-to-be is insecure and is rather passive sexually.

That being said, as mentioned above, sex during pregnancy may not be advisable for medical reasons.

In such cases, you and your partner can try other forms of intimacy. Both talk openly about your own wishes and get advice from a couples therapist, the midwife or your gynecologist. Sex during pregnancy can have many sides – be creative and look for a form of intimacy together with your partner that you can both enjoy!

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