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Sex positions: thesis are the most popular

by Josephine Andrews
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Sex life is one of those areas of life that can be extremely exciting with a little imagination and the courage to experiment. If you try different sex positions from time to time , you bring new impetus to your love life. The choice of positions for sex is wide. We present you the most popular ones.

What sex positions are there?

Lying down, standing or on their knees: many people are very creative when it comes to sex. In everyday sexual life, however, all positions that are possible are rarely used.

Which positions someone finds particularly pleasurable varies from person to person – everyone has to find this out for themselves and together with the other person. Here the motto always applies: what both like is good!

These are popular sex positions at a glance:

missionary position

It is the classic sex position and is also known as German practice, vanilla or Bambi sex. The woman lies on her back with her legs spread while the man slips between her thighs and penetrates her.

The missionary position can be varied by changing the position. The woman can change the position of her bottom and legs, for example, and the man can kneel and support himself. If the woman puts a pillow under her bottom, the penis can penetrate deeper into the vagina.

In the missionary position, the time of ejaculation (ejaculation) can be controlled by the man determining the speed of the movement. Kissing and caressing the woman’s breasts is easy in this position.

In the missionary position, the man is in control, but the woman can change the angle by shifting her legs or tilting her hips. The clitoris is particularly stimulated in the missionary position, so that the woman can easily reach an orgasm.

The missionary position is also suitable for the first sexual experiences or intercourse with a new partner.

rider position

The man lies on his back, the woman sits on him in a cowgirl position. The position can be varied in exciting ways: the man can sit up completely or partially, the woman can lie on her partner’s stomach or sit upside down on him.

Because his hands are free in this position, the man can touch and caress his partner as he pleases. In her elevated position, the woman has the situation completely under control: she can determine the penetration depth of the penis and, through her body position, direct the thrust of the penis in the direction that stimulates her the most.

The rider position is particularly recommended for pregnant women, as no pressure is exerted on the abdomen. In addition, sex in this position is also possible for men who are weakened by illness.

weighing position

The cradle position is a variant of the rider position with stronger physical contact. Man and woman hold each other as she sits on his thighs and he penetrates her. Both partners keep their upper bodies upright and determine the speed by rocking back and forth.

sleigh ride

In the Chinese or Finnish sleigh ride, the man kneels between the legs of the woman, who is lying on her back. He lifts the woman’s pelvis and penetrates her. The woman’s bottom rests on the man’s thighs. Then he bends over her, sliding deeper in and out of her – he “rides her sled”. In this position, the partners feel particularly intense.

Doggy style

Doggy style is also known as the doggy style or “a tergo”. It is perhaps the most original position in sex and the most animalistic, since most animal species also use this technique. The man penetrates the woman’s vagina from behind. She can stand and bend her upper body, kneel (doggy position) or lie on her stomach.

spoon position

A variant of the “a tergo” is the spoon position: The partners lie on their side – they with their backs to him. Both can be active, touching and setting the pace. For many women, this position is particularly beautiful because they feel the penis intensely. All in all, the spoon position offers both partners a lot of closeness due to the close physical contact.

Die Flanquette

In the flank or flanquette, both partners lie on their sides and face each other. The woman places the lower thigh between or close to the man’s legs, she can bend her upper leg or place it on his upper thigh. The flanquette is similar to the spoon position, with the difference that the man and woman face each other.

In stand

Strong men manage to shift the missionary position from the horizontal to the vertical. The man is standing and carrying the woman, who wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

The standing position is much more relaxed if the woman sits on a table or stool – the man thus retains the freedom of movement of standing, but does not have to bear the weight of his partner or the responsibility for the common balance.

Viennese oyster

The woman lies on her back with the so-called Viennese oyster and stretches her legs towards her head. The man penetrates her and gently lies down on top of her, using his arms to support himself on the bed. The woman’s thighs are level with his chest, and she can cross her feet behind his head.

For this position, the partner needs a certain flexibility – her back in particular may be strained. The partners are rewarded with more intense mutual stimulation.


This position is not for vaginal penetration, this is oral sex in which both partners get a chance. One person lies on their back, the other kneels in the opposite direction over the other – so you can give each other oral sex. The position is also possible while lying on the side.

Sex position during pregnancy: which one is suitable?

While in the first trimester nausea and tiredness often weigh on the mother-to-be, in the second trimester of pregnancy there is in many cases a heightened sense of pleasure. Then the body gets used to the new situation.

Nevertheless, the baby bump grows week after week and always presents you and your partner with a challenge. It is important that you choose a position that is not too strenuous for the mother-to-be and does not put pressure on her stomach. Sitting positions or positions lying on your side are particularly suitable.

Important: Pay attention to your personal hygiene when having sex during pregnancy. During this time, the risk of infection by fungi and bacteria is significantly increased.

Sex positions with size difference

One partner is big, the other small – people are different and that’s a good thing. Nevertheless, this can pose a challenge for couples in the bedroom, because they want to intensify lovemaking, for example through eye contact.

To compensate for a size difference, try standing sex and move it to the stairs, a stool, or the kitchenette, for example. The spoon position is also suitable for couples with a significant height difference.

Calorie consumption: Which sex position is most effective?

If you want to get rid of excess pounds with regular sex, you often ask yourself how high the calorie consumption is in certain sex positions. First of all: You can’t replace the gym with it. The human body burns around 100 kilocalories on average during lovemaking.

The following applies: the more intense the sex and the more unusual the positions, the more effective mattress sport is, especially if you take on the active part, for example in the cowgirl position or during sex while standing. You tense many different muscle groups and strengthen your stomach, legs and back in the long term.

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