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Sex toys: you should know that!

by Josephine Andrews
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Dildos, vibrators, anal plugs: sex toys (sex toys) are available in a wide variety of designs. They are no longer just for self-gratification. They can also enrich your sex life with your partner. Read here which sex toys are available, what you should consider when using them and whether sex toys are dangerous.

This sex toy exists

The history of the first sex toy goes back to the English doctor Joseph Mortimer Granvill. He invented the electric vibrator as early as 1883 in order to use genital massages to combat so-called “female hysteria”.

In the meantime, the selection of sex toys is large and the vibrator is no longer reserved for female users.


In its classic form, a dildo resembles an erect penis. In recent years, dildos in different colors, shapes and sizes have also come onto the market.

It is used by women for vaginal (self) satisfaction. You should not try anal stimulation with a conventional dildo, as this can be completely absorbed by the intestines and cannot be removed without medical help.

Often dildos are made of silicone or plastic. But there are also products made of glass or metal. The latter can increase the pleasure effects by appropriate heating or cooling. However, care should be taken here, because excessive heat or cold affects the tissue.

If you want, you can also buy special attachments for the dildo: For example, they stimulate the clitoris in a targeted manner or ensure a vaginal, clitoral and anal sensation at the same time.

There are so-called anal dildos for anal stimulation. They are usually a little smaller than dildos for vaginal use and are also slightly thicker at one end. The sex toy is also known as an anal plug (butt plug) and can have different sizes and widths.

The wider end prevents the bowel from fully absorbing the sex toy – this would be a medical emergency. Therefore, always use a toy designed for anal stimulation.

Some anal dildos are also equipped with feet and a suction cup so that one end can stand firmly on the floor when the sex toy is used while sitting.


If a small motor is installed in the dildo, it is called a vibrator. There are numerous variants in the most diverse shapes, colors, materials and forms of application. As a rule, they are mainly used for the satisfaction of women in the vaginal area. But anal vibrators can also be bought in stores.

With some models, you can determine the vibration intensity individually – for example on the device itself or via a remote control or app.

In addition to simple anal vibrators, there are also models for men that stimulate the penis and anus at the same time. They are then fitted with testicular or penis slings. In men, anal stimulation is primarily aimed at the sensitive region of the prostate, which is said to lead to particularly intense orgasms.

Learn more about prostate stimulation here .

Nipple Stimulator

The nipple is one of the erogenous zones in women and men and is very sensitive. Erect nipples stimulate the imagination and increase arousal.

You can use so-called nipple suckers for self-stimulation or incorporate them into shared lovemaking. The silicone teats are slipped over the nipple. Then use your fingers to make pumping movements. The resulting vacuum makes the nipples hard.

Another variation is nipple clips. They are clamped to the nipple and can be fitted with additional weights if required.

Anal necklace

Another sex toy is a chain-shaped anal stimulator. These are balls in a row that you can insert into the anus. To intensify the orgasm, these are then removed in jerks – ball by ball.

Sex toys for women

Popular sex toys for women include dildos and vibrators.

But love balls also fall under sex toys for women. They are also known as vaginal balls. These are balls made of plastic, silicone or stainless steel, which are inserted into the vagina either loosely or with a return strap. They vibrate when you move, which is supposed to create an increased feeling of pleasure.

The toy originally comes from Japan and has a special advantage: it can also be carried discreetly in everyday life. Love balls also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which have an impact on more intense orgasms.

You can read more about this topic in the article about love balls .

sex toys for men

In addition to dildos, vibrators and nipple stimulators, there are special sex toys for men that are aimed at stimulating the testicles or penis.

penis and testicle rings

There are different types of penis and testicle rings. Adjustable rings constrict the penis slightly, which strengthens the erection. Straps for constricting the testicles are intended to further increase the attraction. Some men try to increase this by hanging on weights.

Some variants of penis rings or sleeves stimulate the woman’s clitoris at the same time with attached nubs or prongs. There are also models that also vibrate.

Make sure that pressure or tension does not impair the blood flow in the tissue. Before use, read the instructions for use carefully. If the ring is too small or placed incorrectly, this can result in a painful permanent erection (priapism). This needs immediate medical attention.


Masturbators are imitations of a vagina or mouth into which the penis can be inserted. Refined versions even get wet when used, with a vibration effect or pumps simulating the contractions of the female pelvic floor.

The vacuum pump

So-called vacuum pumps promise a stronger erection and noticeable lengthening of the member. They have been used for decades in the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by a defect in the erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa).

The erection is triggered by creating a vacuum and then suppressing the outflow of blood through a rubber constriction ring around the base of the penis. In the event of such problems, be sure to use vacuum pumps recommended by medical professionals.

Poor quality products can pull fabric and cause serious injury. Make sure that the negative pressure is built up away from the skin of the penis, otherwise the opening will become stuck and cause dangerous skin necrosis (death of the skin).

sex toys for couples

Basically, regardless of your sexual orientation, you can also use all sex toys that are especially suitable for men or women when making love with your partner.

There are also numerous other utensils in specialist shops that are intended to make sex life more exciting. These include, for example:

  • handcuffs or shackles
  • blindfolds
  • Lingerie and lingerie
  • Massage oil
  • Sex furniture such as love swings or pillows

Sex toys: You have to consider this when using them

In order to avoid problems when using the fun toys, a few rules must be observed:

Use lubricant

Lubricants are used to compensate for lack of moisture in the vagina (lubrication) or to increase lubricity in special sex practices such as anal intercourse in order to minimize the risk of injury.

If you want to use lubricant, it should be water-soluble, pH-neutral and not damage condoms. Baby or massage oils are not a suitable substitute. They dissolve condoms and can cause skin irritation.

Pay attention to the right material

Avoid objects made of glass, wood and wire, as the risk of injury is high. There is a risk of breakage or splintering.

Do not use household items

Do not insert bottles or spray cans of deodorant vaginally or anally. Glass can splinter and cause internal injuries. In addition, a vacuum can develop that makes it possible to remove the bottle only with medical help.

You should also not misappropriate food without hesitation: There may be residues of substances on the surface of cucumbers, carrots, bananas and the like that have no place in the vaginal or anal area.

Condoms protect against STDs

In principle, there is always a risk of HIV or hepatitis transmission with all objects that can lead to minimal injuries and that are used by several people. This is especially true for those that are used in the anal area. The risk of infection can be minimized by using condoms.

Clean and store sex toys

When using sex toys, make sure they are absolutely clean! The sex toys should at least be washed with hot water and soap. Do not use aggressive disinfectants or bleach, these damage the material and also irritate the mucous membranes.

It is better to use special cleaning products for sex toys. How to use this can be found in the instructions for use on the bottle or in the package insert.

You should keep your pleasure bringer in a place that is protected from dust and light. The dessert drawer, for example, is well suited for this. Bright sunlight and dry heating air damage the products.

Are sex toys dangerous?

Among other things, a high concentration of the plasticizer phthalate and solvents was found in some sex toys.

Mucous membranes absorb solvents particularly well. They can accumulate in the liver, kidneys and fatty tissue and cause damage to the relevant organs.

Phthalates are also quickly absorbed and are suspected of disrupting hormone metabolism. Animal studies have shown that some phthalates are carcinogenic and damaging to the nerves and immune system . In addition, estrogen production is said to be impaired. Therefore, when buying sex toys, read the list of ingredients carefully.

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