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Sexual satisfaction: what is it?

by Josephine Andrews
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Sexual satisfaction has a very large impact on relationship satisfaction. Read here which factors are important for people to feel sexual fulfillment and what can help when sexual desire has been lost.

What is Sexual Satisfaction?

Sexual satisfaction is to be equated with a fulfilled sexuality. It goes beyond the purely physical level of reproduction and also relates to a mental and spiritual connection. That means: Only when there is an emotional connection between two people does the feeling of sexual fulfillment arise.

Sexual satisfaction is an important factor in sexual health and in relationship satisfaction in general. The prerequisites for this are mutual pleasure and sexual desire .

What is decisive for the sexual satisfaction of an individual depends on various factors. According to studies, the following points are often decisive:

  • sexual activity
  • Health
  • the personality trait “openness”
  • self reflection

Age and relationship status also play a major role. Studies have come to the conclusion that younger people are more satisfied with their sexuality and partnership than older people. This relationship is more pronounced in men than in women. Also, people in a relationship experience more sexual satisfaction than single people.

The study also found that most couples are most satisfied with their sex life during the first year of their relationship. The most dissatisfied are men in their forties – i.e. in a mid-life crisis.

What helps to achieve more sexual satisfaction?

What satisfaction means varies from person to person. Orgasm is the most obvious factor in sexual satisfaction. But the climax during sexual intercourse alone is not decisive for a fulfilled sexuality, it can also result from masturbation. It also affects whether people feel comfortable having sex and whether there is trust between those involved.

What leads to sexual pleasure also differs in some respects in women and men.

Sexual satisfaction in women

In women, genital arousal is a complicated interplay of feelings, fantasies, and physical responses. When it comes to sexuality, they have a lot going on in their heads. Women often perceive their sexuality as part of their personality. They also see their sexuality much more closely linked to a partnership.

In women, the sex hormone estrogen affects libido as well. But testosterone also increases their sex drive.

Women often do not experience sexual satisfaction through penetration alone. Rather, the stimulation of the clitoris plays an important role. The results of a study show that this often does not work in relationships: women stated that they experience the most physiologically intense orgasms when masturbating and the least intense during sexual intercourse.

Communication is important so that they can also experience sexual intercourse as satisfying. What is good, what pleases – what does not? The more open discussions are, the better wishes can be fulfilled.

If women generally suffer from sexual reluctance, they should find out the causes.

  • Painful sexual intercourse can be relieved with lubricants.
  • Relaxation methods, time and self-management techniques as well as critically questioning your own expectations help with stress and overwhelm.

Men are best informed about the anatomical constitution of women. How can the clitoris be stimulated, where is the G-spot ? Touching the erogenous zones also helps women achieve sexual satisfaction.

Read more about female sexual arousal and how women achieve orgasm here .

Sexual satisfaction in men

Various studies show that, on average, men have a stronger sexual drive than women. It is dependent on the production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

In men, the penis is at the center of sexual satisfaction. By far the most sensitive zone is the tip of the member, the glans. Men usually reach orgasm through penetration without any problems.

The stimulation of the prostate also plays a role in the sexual satisfaction of men. The anus offers the most direct route to reach the male G-spot. Use either one or two fingers to stimulate the prostate. Sex toys are also suitable.

Read more about prostate stimulation here .

However, it is not just the hormone testosterone that determines men’s sexuality. Environmental factors also affect sexual satisfaction. For example, if men feel uncomfortable and stressed, this may lead to sexual reluctance. Nicotine, alcohol or medication also impair potency and may cause erectile dysfunction.

According to a study, up to 19 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 59 experience sexual reluctance. It is then important to get to the bottom of the causes:

  • Testosterone injections or patches can help with lower testosterone production.
  • In the case of stress, relationship problems or experiences of abuse, individual or couple therapy is helpful.
  • If medication is the cause of erection problems, it is best to talk to your doctor about it. A change may be possible.

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