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by Josephine Andrews
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People who come to the hospital are torn out of their everyday lives. Many are plagued by fears and worries, they often feel overwhelmed when dealing with their illness. Even after being released , some cannot immediately resume their old lives. Social workers are on hand to help.

The social service in the hospital takes care of the patients’ personal and socio-legal problems. He organizes short or long-term support for the patients and arranges contact persons and offers of help. Specifically, a hospital social service can provide the following support:

» Psychosocial counseling

  • Help in coping with illness
  • crisis advice
  • cancer counseling
  • addiction counseling

» Medical aftercare and rehabilitation

Organization by:

  • follow-up treatments
  • outpatient rehabilitation
  • Early rehabilitation of patients with brain damage
  • targeted geriatric rehabilitation for older patients in order to avoid the need for care after a serious illness

» Help for patients who cannot (yet) take care of themselves after being discharged

» Assistance in enforcing financial claims in the area of ​​social law

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