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South Beach Diet – how it works

by Josephine Andrews
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The South Beach Diet sounds like sun, beach and a crisp bikini figure. This is exactly what you should get with this diet, through the combination of two principles of success: low-carb diet, i.e. a diet in which only a few carbohydrates are allowed, and glyx diet, i.e. choosing foods with a low glycemic index . Read more here.

What is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet was developed by Arthur Agatston, a Florida doctor. The Atkins diet, which was very high in fat and protein, served as a template, which Agatston modified.

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The South Beach Diet consists of three phases. While hardly any carbohydrates are allowed in the first phase, vegetables and fruit then return to the plate, as do wholemeal bread and pasta.

However, all foods should have a low glycemic index (a measure of the effect of a food on blood sugar). A low GI stabilizes the blood sugar level and thus counteracts blood sugar spikes and the associated cravings. Fats preferably come from vegetable oils, nuts and fish. White flour and sugar are forbidden.

Learn more about the glycemic index here .

This is how the South Beach Diet works

The first phase of the South Beach Diet lasts two weeks. During this time, proteins such as lean meat, seafood, eggs, tofu, nuts and some types of vegetables are on the menu. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as grains or fruit are forbidden in phase one. This is intended to reduce insulin resistance, which previously arose from the massive consumption of white flour products.

From the second phase, carbohydrate-rich products with a low glycemic index, such as brown rice or wholemeal pasta and bread, as well as almost all fruits, can be put back on the plate.

As soon as the desired weight is reached, the third phase starts. Almost all carbohydrates can be eaten here, but only until you gain weight again. Phase three should then be maintained for life.

Daily movement with strength and stretching exercises complete the program.

That brings the South Beach Diet

The composition of the South Beach Diet, which is high in vegetables, ensures a low glycemic index. But that only applies from the second phase of the South Beach Diet.

Since the food has to be freshly prepared, this leads to a conscious examination of food and its ingredients. In the long term, this can have a positive effect on eating habits.

Above all, due to the strong carbohydrate restriction in phase one and sophisticated meal plans with permitted and forbidden foods, success in losing weight is likely.

Risks of the South Beach Diet

In the first phase of the South Beach Diet, the carbohydrate content is too low, protein and fat intake are too high. This can have negative effects, for example on the cardiovascular system. And in combination with a low energy intake, this may encourage food cravings.

Declaring foods “forbidden” also triggers cravings. In addition, with the South Beach Diet, the time required for daily cooking is very high.

South Beach Diet: Conclusion

The South Beach Diet is a hybrid of the Glyx and Atkins diets. However, the total energy intake is too low. It also makes little sense to exclude certain foods from the menu forever, as the cravings increase.

The South Beach Diet is suitable for short-term weight loss. Cooking with fresh food and the recommendation to exercise daily are also positive. In the long term, however, the low energy intake and banning of certain foods make the South Beach Diet unhealthy and not recommended.

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