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What is stress and how can I avoid it?

by Josephine Andrews
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Thousands of thoughts rattle through your head and your body is tense: most people are familiar with stress. Hectic work and a turbulent family life have become normal in modern society. Read here what stress is, how to recognize if you are stressed and which strategies really help against stress.

What is stress?

Do you know that too? You jump out of bed in the morning, quickly hop in the shower while the coffee is already running. As always, you take it standing up and then into the car. You miss your lunch because you have to answer e-mails and the phone doesn’t take a break either.

Everyone is familiar with stressful situations, they are everywhere – at work as well as in private life. When external stimuli cause mental and physical tension, it is defined as stress. If it affects us permanently, it can make us ill.

In order to avoid stress, it is important to find out exactly which stress triggers are causing you to lose your calm. This is the only way to counteract the stress in the appropriate situation. Examples of common stress factors are constant availability via mobile phone and other communication channels, the double burden of family and work, or deadline pressure.

reduce stress

Nobody goes through life completely stress-free. Your body and mind need a certain amount of stress. But too much negative stress makes you sick in the long run. It is therefore important to find the right balance and measure.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to reduce your own stress. The right way to do this varies from person to person. A short walk in the fresh air helps some people, others cool off with sports, relaxation exercises often help and still others can only reduce their stress if they work on their inner attitude.

Find the right strategy to reduce stress with these tips .

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