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The best stretching exercises for back, legs & Co.

by Josephine Andrews
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Stretching exercises are designed to make the body supple. Stretching lengthens shortened muscles, compensates for muscular imbalances and thus prevents bad posture. Since the joints also become more flexible, stretching exercises improve the movement sequences. Athletes become more efficient and can increase their performance. Find out here which stretching exercises are good for stretching your body from head to toe.

These stretching exercises exist

There are two different ways to perform stretching exercises:

In static stretching, the practitioner gently stretches using body weight and gravity and holds it for 15 to a maximum of 30 seconds. Then slowly release the stretch. During dynamic stretching, the performer bounces and seesaws. Experts therefore also speak of “ballistic expansion”.

Since beginners and recreational athletes often find it difficult to find the right amount of rocking for dynamic stretching, the following sections cover only static stretching exercises.

Stretching exercises: back and hips

It pays to keep your back and hips supple. They affect most movements.

Drop lunge: Take a large step forward with your left leg and place your right knee on the floor. The front leg remains upright, the knee angle should be about 90 degrees. With your upper body straight, push your hips forward. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 2-3 times. (stretching exercises for: hip muscle)

The exercise helps to stretch the hips and promotes a healthy posture.

Extended Heel Sit: Kneel on the floor and sit on your heels. Now stretch out your arms, place your hands on the floor and move your fingers forward as far as possible. The head stays between the arms, the bottom on the heels. Hold the position for 20 seconds, repeat the exercise two to three times. (stretching exercises for: back)

This stretch stretches your spine, thighs, and ankles while relaxing your shoulders, neck, and core. The exercise is suitable for women who suffer from menstrual cramps.

The stretched heel seat is a stretching exercise from yoga and is called “exercise of the child”.

Stretching exercises: arms, shoulders and neck

Tension in the neck and shoulder area is common. Those who suffer from it should do the following stretching exercises regularly to loosen the muscles.

Elbow thrust: Stand upright and stable. Place your right hand between your shoulder blades from above, fingertips pointing down. Bring your left hand over your head, place it on your right elbow and increase the stretch with light pressure. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 2-3 times. (stretching exercises for: triceps)

Elephant Trunk: The shoulder can be stretched with a variant of the “elbow push”. Instead of between the shoulder blades, the right hand is passed in front of the neck and placed loosely over the left shoulder. With your left hand, grab your right elbow and gently push it further towards your left shoulder so that you feel a slight pull in your right shoulder. Release after 20 seconds and repeat the exercise two to three more times. (stretching exercises for shoulders or shoulder cap muscle)

Tilt your head: stand shoulder-width apart and first grab the back of your head with both hands. Slowly bring your chin towards your breastbone with gentle pressure. Hold for 20 seconds. Gently return to the starting position. Then put your left arm over your head to your right ear and gently push your head towards your left shoulder. After 20 seconds switch sides. Repeat the sequence a total of two to three times. (Stretching exercises for: back and sides of the neck)

Stretching exercises: legs

Running is good for the legs. The following stretching exercises help to prevent the muscles from shortening:

Get on your feet: With this exercise you stretch your thighs. The starting position is a relaxed stand with (almost) closed feet. Bend your left leg, grab your ankle and pull your heel towards your buttocks. Bend your right leg slightly. Keep your knees together during this stretch. Consciously push your pelvis forward and tighten your abdominal muscles for better balance. Two to three times 20 seconds per side. (stretch exercises for: front thighs)

Bring your leg up: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then take a step forward with your right foot. The knee of the right leg remains straight. The weight stays on the left leg. Bend your knees slightly, bend your upper body forward and tilt your pelvis backwards. Pull up the right toe. The stretch then goes from the buttocks over the back of the thighs to the knees. Hold for 20 seconds two or three times, then switch legs. (stretch exercises for: hamstrings)

Lunge: To stretch your calf, step into a hip-width lunge in front of a wall. They support themselves on the wall with both hands. The back leg is stretched, the heel gently pressed towards the floor. The toes point forward. On the side of the leg to be stretched, push the hip towards the wall. Repeat this exercise two to three times per side, holding each for 20 seconds. (stretching exercises for: calf)

Stretching exercises for pregnant women

During pregnancy , the body changes rapidly. Stretching exercises can help prevent discomfort.

Forward Bends: Sit on the floor with your legs straight and bend your left leg. Place the sole of the foot on the inside of the right thigh so that the left heel is as close as possible to the perineum. Inhale and straighten your torso, while exhaling bend forward and grab the toes of your right foot. Hold this position for up to three minutes. Then switch sides. (Stretching exercises for: legs, back and pelvic floor)

Putting some pillows on the stretched leg will make the exercise easier.

Side stretch: The basic position is the same as for the “forward bend”. Pull the toes of the straight leg towards the upper body and press the heel into the floor. This activates the leg muscles.

Now stretch your right arm up and pull your fingertips towards the ceiling. Rest your left arm on your right thigh. To increase the stretch, gently move your left ear toward your left shoulder. Keep your shoulders relaxed, don’t pull them up! (stretching exercises for: small muscles between the ribs)

Opening and stretching: The basic position for this stretching exercise is on all fours: Kneel on the floor and support yourself with your hands about shoulder-width apart. As you exhale, raise your knees, straighten your legs as far as you can, butt up and head down. You are now in a stretching exercise from yoga , the “Downward Facing Dog”.

Step right foot forward by right hand and shift weight right-forward (lift left heel off floor) to stretch left hip. Then shift your weight backwards and straighten your right leg so that your hands remain flat on the floor. The left heel is now also on the floor. Then bend the front leg again. Repeat the movement sequence three times and then switch sides. That stretches the whole body. (Stretching exercises for: hips, pelvis, back, back of legs)

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