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Thuja occidentalis: homeopathic use

by Josephine Andrews
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Thuja occidentalis (or just called Thuja) is known in classical homeopathy primarily as a remedy for warts. The Thuja globules are also said to help with skin and mucous membrane diseases. Chronic infections of the urinary tract and the genital area as well as vaccination damage may also respond well to Thuja occidentalis. Here you can read everything you need to know about the medicinal properties and areas of application of Thuja occidentalis.

Why should Thuja be taken with a vaccination?

There are recommendations from homeopaths to take Thuja as a precaution when vaccinated or in the event of problems after vaccinations. This is to prevent negative vaccination reactions such as vaccination scars, skin inflammation or muscle pain.

Thuja occidentalis should also help ensure that the vaccination works well. This is especially true if adults or a child have already been vaccinated and did not provide adequate protection. Thuja occidentalis is also suitable if you want to derive a vaccination.

Taking Thuja globules before or after a vaccination is possible in self-treatment.

When is Thuja occidentalis used?

Thuja occidentalis is one of the so-called great homeopathic remedies, which are also known as polycreste (all-rounders). This means that Thuja occidentalis is prescribed strictly according to the rules of classical homeopathy and after a detailed, homeopathic anamnesis.

What are Thuja Globules suitable for? Thuja occidentalis can be a very helpful remedy, especially for severe skin and mucous membrane diseases as well as problems in the urinary system and genital tract.

But there are also some areas in which you can take Thuja occidentalis independently without anamnesis. This applies to vaccinations, for example. It is also known that treatment with Thuja can fight warts. To use thuja against warts, you can use thuja globules and thuja mother tincture in parallel. Thuja is also suitable for age warts.

With these and other self-treatments, you should keep in mind that Thuja occidentalis is a very powerful homeopathic remedy that should only be used cautiously without therapeutic support. If the symptoms of the disease worsen or change, or if additional symptoms occur, you should stop taking it and consult a homeopath.

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