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Torn fingernail: the best tips!

by Josephine Andrews

torn fingernail not only looks unsightly, it can sometimes also be painful – especially if the crack extends into the nail bed. Here you can find out what causes it and what you can do if a fingernail is torn.

Torn nail: what to do?

If you’re not careful for a moment and clumsily bumped into something, your fingernail is torn on the side – in rare cases it tears lengthwise. This is not only annoying, it can also be painful. What helps then depends on how far the crack extends. There are different methods to repair the torn nail and protect it from further irritation.

Not only special care products from the pharmacy or the drugstore promise immediate help. Home remedies are also useful for torn fingernails.

Shorten fingernail

The simplest option: Shorten the fingernail up to the damaged area. It is best to use a glass file for this, it is particularly gentle on the nail. Also, remove any bumps on the nail caused by the breakage. The fingernail should feel smooth.

If you want to shorten the nail, you usually have to file the other nails accordingly for a uniform appearance.

However, if the fracture point is far down, i.e. close to the nail bed, shortening it may lead to injuries or inflammation. Then try to fix the torn nail so that it doesn’t tear further.

Protect with a plaster

If the nail is severely torn down to the nail bed, patience helps: The fracture point then has to grow out in order to shorten it accordingly after a while. A plaster can protect the sensitive area during this transitional period. If you have the feeling that the torn fingernail is not growing out, it actually takes time: it usually only gets longer by 0.12 millimeters per day.

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Repair fingernail

You want to save the torn nail? From a nail repair kit, cut a strip to fit the torn nail area. The strips are usually made of fiberglass. Put some clear coat on the nail. Apply the material to the torn part of the nail – one piece should overlap, it is then folded over at the edge of the nail. A layer of clear varnish fixes the strip of material.

Once everything has dried, file off the excess material. If no special set is available, the torn nail can also be helped with a piece of filter from a tea bag.

Fix with gel or shellac

If the nail is deeply torn and you ask yourself: what to do? Then a more complex method can fix the crack with shellac or a gel modellage. Several layers of gel or varnish are applied, which stabilizes the nail. Make sure beforehand that the crack has not caused any injury or inflammation.

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Torn fingernails: causes

Torn nails are annoying, but harmless in most cases. Often a minor trauma from the outside is the reason – for example, bumping or getting stuck.

However, some people’s nails are particularly brittle. Reasons for this are, for example:

  • wrong care
  • soap and chemicals
  • nutrient deficiency
  • hormonal imbalance
  • psychological distress and stress
  • taking certain medications
  • Environmental influences (e.g. cold air)
  • certain diseases

Learn more about the cause of brittle nails in this text .

Cracked skin on fingernail

The skin around the nail is sensitive. If it is damaged, this can lead to unpleasant inflammation. If the fingernail skin is torn and this happens again and again, massage the area regularly with nail oil. Olive oil is also an option.

If necessary, it is also sufficient if you apply lotion to your hands more often so that the torn skin on the fingernails relaxes.

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