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Veratrum album: Effect and application

by Josephine Andrews
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The homeopathic remedy Veratrum album is said to be particularly suitable for circulatory problems and fainting spells, as well as for gastrointestinal infections and food poisoning. But Veratrum album is also said to have a good homeopathic effect in the psychological area, for example in destructiveness or mania. Read everything you need to know about the homeopathic Veratrum album here!

What is Veratrum album?

Veratrum album means White Hellebore or White Germer in German. The plant from the Liliaceae family grows in the high mountains of Europe up to the mountains of Siberia.

All parts of the plant, which can be up to one and a half meters high, are poisonous due to the alkaloids they contain (such as protoveratrin, germerin). The rhizome contains the highest concentration of toxic compounds. The most important symptoms of poisoning are slow pulse, vomiting, drop in body temperature, sweating, impaired perception, diarrhoea, convulsions and shortness of breath. Death can occur within twelve hours. Consumption of Veratrum album can also be deadly for grazing animals in alpine meadows.

Veratrum album has been used in many ways over time. Gastrointestinal disorders were treated with it even in the days of Hippocrates. The German name Hellebore comes from the use of the plant as a sneeze powder. But the white germer was also used as a means to combat vermin and as a blood pressure-lowering drug.

Due to its toxicity, however, Veratrum album is now only used in homeopathy . The homeopathic remedy is made from the dried rootstock.

When is Veratrum album used?

Veratrum album is used by homeopaths primarily for circulatory problems with a tendency to collapse. The circulatory weakness can have very different causes. For example, it can have psychological reasons (such as mental shock) or be the result of infectious diseases, menstrual pain or cardiovascular problems.

Other areas of application for Veratrum album are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially severe diarrhea. Likewise, behavioral problems and psychological problems can be treated with Veratrum album – especially hyperactivity, social misconduct and exaggerated ambition.

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