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Washing hair: how often is healthy?

by Josephine Andrews
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Freshly washed, the hair is looser, has more volume and shines beautifully. For many people, washing their hair is therefore part of their daily routine. However, this is not always necessary. Read here how often it is best to wash your hair and whether daily hair washing is unhealthy.

How often should you wash your hair

Whether in the morning for a good start to the day or in the evening after work: a refreshing shower is always a feel-good ritual – for many this also includes washing your hair. However, the question arises: how often do you wash your hair without damaging it?

Basically, if you only feel socially acceptable with freshly washed hair, wash it every day – preferably with a mild shampoo. But if you prefer to delay washing your hair, you can do so to a certain extent. How often you have to wash your hair depends on various factors.

Washing hair: This applies to different hair types!

Your hair type plays a decisive role in the question of how often you have to wash your head of hair.

  • Normal hair is quite easy to wash. It doesn’t get greasy too quickly, but it’s also not particularly dry if, for example, you often jump into the shower on vacation. Wash it as you like.
  • Dry hair is a little more demanding. Washing your hair as infrequently as possible is recommended so that the scalp does not lose too much of its natural oils. For this type, shampoo about once or twice a week.
  • Greasy hair produces more sebum, which makes the hair look stringy after a short time. Washing your hair at least every other day is the order of the day here.
  • Fine and straight hair quickly loses volume and then “sticks” to the scalp. A daily hair wash makes it socially acceptable again.
  • Curly hair has the advantage that the sebum spreads through the hair less quickly. A weekly hair wash is sufficient for this hair type.

Washing your hair: These factors have an impact!

In addition to the hair type, other factors affect how often the hair needs to be washed.

skin type

People who generally tend to have oily skin need to wash their hair more often than someone with normal or dry skin. Because the scalp also produces more sebum in this case, which is noticeable through a greasy approach. Then you need to wash your hair more often.


Blow-drying, straightening, curling, setting – hair is exposed to a lot of hardships when it is styled. The constant reaching in with your hands and various styling products do the rest and make the hair look greasy more quickly. Washing your hair more frequently is a must to remove residue from hair wax, spray or gel.

Physical activity

Anyone who engages in a physically demanding activity – be it at work or during sports – sweats more. The sweat is absorbed by the hair, it loses vigor and volume. In addition, perspiration promotes unpleasant odors. After physical activity, it is best to take a long shower and wash your hair as well.

Does daily washing damage your hair?

Daily hair washing is not a problem if you use a gentle shampoo that is free of silicones and other plasticizers – regardless of hair type. This will prevent irritation of the scalp and will not damage your hair. Baby shampoos, for example, are well suited.

Read this text to find out how to identify silicones in shampoo: How harmful are silicones in shampoo?

If you delay washing your hair for a longer period of time and let the hair “grease out”, this is only possible with certain skin and hair types. In the worst case, there is a risk of skin fungus or eczema. So talk to a dermatologist beforehand.

Washing your hair: How to do it right!

Most people reach for shampoo as a matter of course. The thought of doing something wrong when washing their hair does not occur to them at first. You can protect your hair if you observe a few points.

You can read about the best way to wash your hair in the article “Washing your hair”.

Conceal greasy hair

If the roots quickly become greasy or if there was simply not enough time to wash your hair, there are various options for concealing:

  • Hairstyle: A tight ponytail, a loose bun or a beautifully braided braid distract from the greasy roots.
  • Accessories: caps, hats, hair bands or bows cover the problem area on the head with little effort.
  • Dry shampoo: A helper in need is dry shampoo. Spray this onto your roots, let it soak in for a moment and then brush it out. Alternatively, you can use baby powder.

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